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OxyPerformances Legal notice is related to our website and the mailing list subscription.

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The owner of this website share large amount of free information to visitors (blog articles, YouTube videos, exclusive interviews). He continuously ensures, with integrity and ethics, the quality of the content. However, it is the user ‘s responsibility to evaluate the relevance of the information regarding his own personal and professional situation. 

The user (website visitor) therefore undertakes to use this information under his sole responsibility and releases the owner, OxyPerformances, from any prejudice. The information available on this website will never replace a professional consultation.

The information mentioned on this website or any related media (including Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Google) does not represent a proven statistical average, nor any medical diagnosis. THERE IS NO GUARANTEE of performance of any kind with the equipments and services available on our website. It is the visitor’s duty to consult a doctor before considering the use of any equipment.

OxyPerformances offers equipments rental and sale (excluding the Canadian market) of lightly pressurized ambient air devices intended to increase sports performance, relaxation, and improve the preservation of fruits & vegetables. Visitors to our sites are the only person responsible for their choices and the taken steps. 

Legal Notice


Oxy Performances is a certified Oxynova distributor. In the United States, mild hyperbaric chambers are considered a class II medical device by the FDA and require a prescription from a qualified professional for human medical use. For any questions, we strongly recommend you to consult a licensed practitioner.

OxyPerformances do not offer personal nor professional advices. Our website visitors understand that the opinions expressed in our texts, videos, web products, LIVE events, books, seminars will never replace the professional advice of experts including: doctor, pediatrician, psychologist, psychiatrist, lawyer and others. 


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Beyond the free content shared on our websites, you should assume that we have an affiliate relationship with some of the partners and equipment that we post on this website. ATTENTION: We only offer equipment that we sincerely consider to be a great quality. We are committed to bring you the maximum added value, as well as constructive solutions adapted to your needs. 


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The website and the associated companies do not endorse the texts found in the Blog section under any conditions. The blog texts deal with various subjects and health in general, they do not in any way reflect statements and words made by Oxy Performances, but those of the people who wrote them. These blogs are opinion texts for the entertainment with the purpose of sharing information available throughout the industry and / or individuals. Any “external links” registered or found in the Blog section or any other page on cannot be considered as an opinion or a statement made by the OxyPerformances company. In addition, OxyPerformances disclaims all responsibility for all of the content that may be linked to it.

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Please note that OxyPerformances or any individual representing OxyPerformances does not offer any opinion or any medical diagnosis whatsoever. We are not doctor nor any type of therapist. No medical opinion is offered via the by email neither by telephone. The information found on the website is public order information available to all from various web platforms. OxyPerformances offers options of lightly pressurized ambient air tents for wellness, sports performance, improvement of the preservation of fruits & vegetables. OxyPerformances cannot be prosecuted or held responsible whatsoever for the use of the equipment and services represented and offered worldwide.  

Any “external links” registered or found on the website OxyPerformances cannot be considered as an opinion or a statement made by the OxyPerformances company. In addition, OxyPerformances disclaims all responsibility for all of the content that may be linked to it. The products listed on this website are not authorized for sale in Canada.